8 web applications for students to make uni life even better

Posted: by March 10th, 2013

T’interwebs are jammed back full of great resources for students. We decided to do the trawling for you to bring some of the most useful web applications, mobile applications and websites to help you in your journey through university life.  Enjoy.




Living in shared accommodation has it’s problems –  the sharing of bills between house mates can be a pain at times. SplitWise, is one free service that makes bill splitting much easier. Sign up all of your roomies, and find out who owes money for gas, beer and the rest. It’s a snap.




If you are not so great at remembering about assignments – Soshiku provides you with the tools you need to keep on top of it all.  When your assignments are due it can even notify you via email or SMS, and there’s a app to help you keep track on the move.


URL: http://evernote.com


For students, Evernote is particularly useful for keeping your notes, and collating handouts in class.  One of the maddest things about Evernote is the fantastic OCR capabilities.

You have to see if for yourself to really appreciate it, but its impressive, even for unclear text. Snap an A4 sheet on your phone, and instantly have it synced back to your Evernote account.




BigOven is a genius app for cooking up a storm with those leftovers. With over a quarter of a million recipes, you’ll never look at beans on toast in the same way.




Managing your money when you are on a tight budget can be a pain, but with Buxfer you can watch your money, you can tell quickly when to call in the parents, or apply for that hardship loan.


URL: http://youtify.com


Music is huge on YouTube (Thanks Google!), so capitalising on the wide variety of music videos available on YouTube, Youtify gives you the ability to easily find all the artists you want and play the videos in a playlist format.

For example you can search for ‘Radiohead’, and if satisfied with the results returned, just let it sit and play the automated selection of music. With the ability to create your own playlists its great for when you are planning a night out.




Ahh Sparknotes. Many a last minute, emergency essay has been written with help from study guides provided by SparkNotes. Shh though, don’t tell your Lecturer. Highly appropriate in a  Student Survival Guide me thinks.


URL: https://quicklyst.appspot.com/


Note taking, the bug bear of every students university career. Everyone has their own methodologies, but one site that provides you with a pretty cool and useful online tool for Note – taking is QuickLyst.

It makes it easy to take notes, deliver notes to a Kindle device, look up topics in Wikipedia, and define words within notes automatically using the Merriam Webster Dictionary.  While you are taking notes in class, you can instantly include definitions and search information pulled from around the web.


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