Turn Anything Into a Remote Control With Knocki

Posted: by May 17th, 2016


With one simple gadget, you can bend your house to your will

Knocki is a small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, counter-tops, & more) into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices and software. It looks a little bit like a smoke detector that allows users to control everything in their home the same way—by knocking. Placed on a wood table, granite countertop, wall, or basically any other surface, Knocki transforms the surface into a remote control of sorts, activated by specific series of knocks. The possibilities are endless—you can dim the lights, turn up the heat, call your phone, turn on the TV, lower the blinds, and more.


Knocki’s only user-interface is your existing environment. It connects to Wi-Fi and uses algorithms and an accelerometer-based system to sense vibrational patterns. It works on wood, metal, stone, and drywall, and can be hung on the wall or left on a table and it’ll work as long as it’s within range of a Wi-Fi signal. It can be integrated with most smart devices, like Nest, IFTTT and Philips Hue smart lights, and runs on ordinary AA batteries that only need to be replaced once every year or so.


Using Knocki is easy.  Just tap simple gestures anywhere on a Knocki-enabled surface to automate all kinds of useful actions.  Make your ordinary surroundings do more. Why reach for a phone, a remote, or a switch to perform your favorite functions? There’s another control interface that’s always within reach – the world around you, and you can activate it with Knocki.

The Kickstarter campaign launched today, and has already surpassed it’s funding goal of $35,000 in under an hour. Not hard to see why, this piece of tech for the home looks absolutely awesome.

via Curbed.


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