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This adorable Corgi wants to sell you a home..

Posted: by September 7th, 2016
When it comes to marketing homes, sometimes a little bit of creativity goes an awful long way. San Francisco based agency the San Francisco Good Life Team decided to use *every* tool at their disposal to get eyeballs on their $1.3 million dollar listing.… Read the rest of this post »

8 easy ways to promote your property

Posted: by September 9th, 2010
Promoting property online, especially using portals such as ourselves, has never been easier. However, there are a few things both agents and vendors can do to enhances the exposure of their property, outside the scope of just adding it to ourselves. This post summarises some of the ways in which you can squeeze a little extra out of the web to increase your enquiries, and the number of views!… Read the rest of this post »