Students – are you eligible for a t.v. license refund?

Posted: by June 25th, 2010

Stylish retro TV

Well, the university year has come to its end, and thousands of students across Northern Ireland are vacating their digs for the summer break. We’ve some good news if you are a student moving out.

To put a few extra pounds in your pocket for beer tokens, the good folks at TV Licensing are reminding students across Northern Ireland that they may be eligible for a refund if they no longer need a T.V. license – as the remaining four months of the year could result in about £35 quid in backpayments.

To arrange for a refund, simply logon to the T.V. licensing website which can be found over here – and fill out the refund form. Alternatively you can give them a call on 0300 790 6090.


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