How To Tell If You’re A PropertyPal Addict – 16 Signs

Posted: by April 11th, 2018

Recently we’ve been receiving more and more Tweets and messages that go something along the lines of:


And it got us thinking… There seem to be quite a few of us property obsessives out there who just can’t get enough of staring inside strangers’ houses (in a non creepy way obviously).

So we did a little research and it turns out that there are more than just ‘quite a few’ – 6.5million British people are ‘dream searching’ for properties every single day, with a fifth of those admitting they would call themselves addicts!

With that in mind, we thought we’d put together a little post to help you find out if you too, are indeed, one of the many PropertyPal addicts out there…

1. You’re calling it a ‘hobby’.

2. You’re changing your career goals to revolve around your ‘hobby’.

3. In fact, you’re changing your entire LIFE goals.

4. You use it to have a nosey into your neighbours’ homes.

5. And spy on them…

6. When your loved one receives a notification on Facebook, they know it’s just you, tagging them under PropertyPal houses on Facebook for the 1,000th time.


7. It’s disrupting things that are kind of important, like work.

8. And sleep.

9. Sometimes a wee browse on PropertyPal is the motivation you use for getting through a tough task.

10. You might even call it ‘the highlight of your day’.

11. Because it is actually part of your daily routine now

12. You go on for a quick scroll and before you know it you’re four hours deep and your entire evening is a blur.

13. You usually find yourself dazed and confused in the ‘dream homes‘ section, staring in the bathroom of a £2m mansion wondering how you got there.

14. You started off by bookmarking the website. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy your cravings so you downloaded the app for a better fix and now there’s no escape.

15. You’re starting to replace the word ‘hobby’ and recognise it as a fully fledged addiction.

16. You’ve come out of the denial stage and you’re ready to admit your love to the world.



If you are showing signs of PropertyPal addition – you are not alone. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We might even start a support group…



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