Google’s Project Sunroof predicts the benefits of Solar Panel Installation.

Posted: by June 2nd, 2016


Adding renewable energy sources to our homes is not only good for the environment, but also drives the cost of living down. In recent years, even in Northern Ireland (with relatively little direct sunlight throughout the year) – the cost of solar panel installation has fallen. To help understand exactly how much we could potentially save from installing solar panels, Google have recently released a new product called ‘Project Sunlight’ to identify the cost saving.

The project using existing Satellite data and Google Earth information to work out the physical characteristics of a specific area and to give users a good idea of how effective solar panels would be on their roof. It takes into account things like shade, roof orientation, historical weather patterns of the area, and all possible annual sun positions to provide users with an analysis of the practicality of going through with adding solar panels. Users can then choose to contact verified installers to get the work done. Although not yet released in the UK, and only in a few places, it is a vertical that hasn’t previously been explored by the company.




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