Google Unveil ‘Google Home’ at I/O to rival Amazon Echo

Posted: by May 18th, 2016


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Google have today unveiled their answer to the Amazon Echo in the form of  ‘Google Home’ at their I/O conference.  The product is a voice-powered assistant that can answer everyday questions as you bustle around the house, using Google search technology via the web to provide you with the answers you need, as well as integrating with a number of third party services, similarly to Amazon Echo. You can for example tell it to order you an Uber, or book a table, or stream your favourite music. The current list of 3rd parties:

Home automation and the cross over of the internet and physical products known as IOT is becoming a really hot category of technology, and there have been rumours that Google was building out its own Echo-like competitor earlier this month, although Google had previously denied it was working on a home assistant, citing privacy concerns.

Google already has its footing in the connected-home market, and has a division of the company established to focus on this sector, although they are most certainly playing catch-up with the Amazon Echo already having sold somewhere in the region of 3 million units. The launch of Google Home is an important strategic move for the company to further establish itself as a major player in home technology devices.


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