Developers skip out house number 13!

Posted: by October 13th, 2017

Friday the 13th has arrived and PropertyPal has uncovered some chillingly interesting facts about house number 13’s! 

It’s not that some believe they are haunted or hold any other superstitions – but rather we believe we have found the reason why there are comparatively fewer of them.  

PropertyPal’s analysis of LPS data spookily reveals significantly fewer number 13 homes registered throughout Northern Ireland compared to house numbers 1-20.  

According to LPS data for May 2017, 10,506 house number 13’s were registered in Northern Ireland  – considerably less than neighbouring numbers 12 and 14 – of which there were 16,404 and 14,868 registered respectively.   


Unlucky 13; House Number 13

Not only are there fewer registered – but number 13’s are typically smaller in size compared to neighbouring properties, averaging at 107 sq.m, compared to 118 sq.m at numbers 12 and 14. 

LPS data states that in Northern Ireland, number 13 homes have an average unadjusted capital value of £107,755 – compared to £119,164 for number 12’s and £119,294 for number 14’s.  

However, this is due to the fact house number 13 homes are typically smaller and thus, per square metre, the value of number 13’s is on par with their counterparts – at £1,007 – compared to £1,010 for number 12 and £1,011 for number 14.  

While number evidentially has zero impact on house value or sale, some developers have admitted purposefully skipping house number 13’s altogether, or naming as opposed to numbering them – perhaps going someway towards explaining the conundrum of why fewer house number 13’s actually exist.  


House Number 13

Northern Ireland developer Ryan Byrne of Gaff Developments Ltd admits that, as well as avoiding walking under ladders, he purposefully omits number 13 on new properties. 

“I have, on many occasions, skipped number 13.  Personally, it wouldn’t bother me but I wouldn’t run the risk numbering a new build as 13, I’d leave it out,” said Ryan. 

While property triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) may be bad news for some, it’s certainly not impacting the buyer’s market in Northern Ireland – proving it really is ‘just a number’. 

Here’s a selection of Number 13 properties currently for sale on PropertyPal. 


13 Sand Lane, Ballykinler, Downpatrick

Sand Lane, Ballykinler, County Down

13 The Meadow, Groomsport, Bangor

The meadow Groomsport, Bangor

13 Stoneypath, Victoria Road, Waterside, Derry

13 Stoneypath, Victoria Road, Waterside, Derry

13 Woodvale Road, Portstewart

Woodvale Road, Portstewart

13 Meadow Park, Crawfordsburn

Meadow Park, Crawfordsburn

13 Sunninghill Gardens, North Belfast

Sunninghill Gardens North Belfast, Belfast


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