Extreme sports to perform from the comfort of your home

Posted: by February 25th, 2010


It never ceases to amaze us what things people get up to with their properties. What better place to find them, than on the web? Some of these thrill seekers have taken the boundaries of what you can do inside your home, and literally in turned them on their head.

Home Bouldering

There’s nothing quite like thinking outside the box when it comes to your home. No one knows this better than Maximo Kausch, a climbing enthusiast who created a bouldering route in his house. This is the “Sofa route” in 37 moves. He used 42 screw holes through the plaster ceiling connected to the wooden beams above. Oh and he also does quite a bit of ice climbing in the mountains in Paris.

Backyard Bungee

Who needs a theme park, when you can bring the theme park to your backyard?

The Human Slingshot is located at the Pope Ranch in Hobble Creek Canyon (Springville, Utah). A power company installed the 60 ft power poles, and scarily enough the pulleys and bungee cords were self-made.

Extreme Ironing

You probably aren’t going to find this sport at the olympics, but extreme ironing is a bonefide sport invented in England, with a pretty big following on the web. Should you decide to take up the extreme challenge, some of you may want to start off slow – perhaps start with some ironing outside, then move up to the pro ranks.

Iron’s at the ready…Ironing boards steady…Steam on!

Extreme Knitting

You may associate the under rated sport of knitting with old ladies curled up in front of a log fire, crocheting you a Christmas masterpiece that you are forced to accept through gritted teeth..

Not so.. These visionaries have paved the way for young folk such as Lauren Porter to come along and create “extreme-wool sculptures ” such as the ferrari knitted below. Just one more reason to get a home with a garage.

Extreme Creme Egging

A couple of us at Property Pal are chocolate fiends, and our own cooking skills are quite impressive if chocolate is involved. But how’s this for a way to creme your eggs?


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