28 Creative Planter Ideas for The Garden

Posted: by April 23rd, 2014

Whether you have a big or small garden, its easy to add additional interest with a few well placed planters. Rather than going out and spending a complete fortune on expensive new pots, why not turn your hand at a few more creative alternatives to traditional planters, with some of these ideas. Some are perfect for kids to make as well.

1) Old footwear

These boots provide a welcome growing ground for smaller shrubbery.


2) Kids Trailer

Kids outgrown their toys? These pull along trailers look great in any garden space.


3) Old Books

For indoor planting ideas, old books with space cut out of the middle of them and then glued with PVA are a welcome home for new plants.


4) Crocs

Love them or hate them, Crocs provide enough breathing space for new plants.


5) Bird Cage

Bird cage with plant inside makes for a beautiful hanging basket. (via)

Gaiola plantas 1

 6) Rustic Bicycle

Old bike gathering dust? Why not repurpose the basket in the garden.

vintage bicycle flowers


7) Old Wine / Whiskey Barrels

Is there no end to what can be done with old wine barrels? This planter is perfect for smaller garden areas.


8) Attach Pots to Garden Fence

If space is at a premium, then go vertical with this colourful idea.



9) Painted Concrete Blocks

A small splash of colour on an otherwise dull and dreary set of blocks makes for an interesting corner feature.


 10) Repurposed Shoe Holders.

Another vertical planter idea, these shoe holders attached to the side of a shed are a perfect plant holder.


11) Old Kitchen Silverware and bun trays

Have a hunt around the kitchen for smaller unused kitchen ware, you never know what you might find..


12) Paint Tins

These paint tins work particularly well as they are silver underneath. Try removing any old stickers with hot soapy water, and then adding the extra paint drips (if they aren’t already there) for a colourful decorative planter. Combined with the ladder, they make a great garden feature.


13) Old Handbags

Every girl has those clutch bags they never use any more in the wardrobe. Just look at what you can do with a little creative thinking.


 14) Colourful Colanders

The bright colours of these kitchen colanders definitely adds to the overall effect of these creative planters.


 15) Recycled Tyres

Painted bright colours, and stacked, these recycled tyres are a focal point for creative gardens.


16) Old Welly Boots

Kids wellies are both colourful, waterproof and a great place to pop a few plants. Attached to the garden fence here, they provide a lovely decorative feature.


17) Old Floppy Disks

1.44 MB of awesome. Glued together these floppy disks provide a quirky, if not a little geeky planter.


18) Pretty Teacup

This teacup was made for flowers.



19)Recycled Shutter Door

Another vertical idea, this garden wall with garden planter is an interesting use of a shutter door – via (DIY Craft)


20) Lace pots

Add additional interest to otherwise boring terracotta pots, with some lace.


 21) Mini picket fence plant pots.

Too cute. via (Big Bear’s wife)


22) Fairy Gardens in a Tub

Get the kids interested in gardening, with a minature fairy garden, easy to create in one of these old fashioned tubs. (via)


23) Wooden Crates

These crates can either be turned on their ends and used vertically as plant holders, or placed with book shelf fixtures and used as planters. Great for hanging plants.


24) An old bench.

Pinterest via Betty Gaines 


26) Teapot planters

Time for tea anyone?


27) Planters in Watering Cans

Watering cans are a typical garden implement, so if any of yours have sprung a leak – why not repurpose them!



28) Towering Plants of Pisa

What a neat idea, all you need is a stake in the ground, layering each of the pots as you go. Creates a beautiful decorative feature.



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