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11 Things Students Should Know About Renting

Posted: by September 5th, 2018
If You're A Student About To Embark On The Exciting Journey Of Renting For The First Time, Be Sure To Read Our Top Tips. Read the rest of this post »

10 Amazing Belfast Student Rentals – From Budget Friendly To Luxury Finds

Posted: by August 24th, 2018
If you're looking for student digs for the year ahead, here's our top ten finds from a budget friendly £237 per month, right up to almost £1000! Read the rest of this post »

8 web applications for students to make uni life even better

Posted: by March 10th, 2013
T’interwebs are jammed back full of great resources for students. We decided to do the trawling for you to bring some of the most useful web applications, mobile applications and websites to help you in your journey through university life.  Enjoy.… Read the rest of this post »

How to make a DIY lamp from traffic cones.

Posted: by July 8th, 2012
If traffic cones are your thing you’re looking for a cheap mood lighting— and you really love orange— then you’re only a few traffic cones away from all the modernist day-glo orange ambiance you can handle. Read the rest of this post »

7 grassroots websites to furnish your home for free

Posted: by December 21st, 2011
There’s nothing we love as much as a great bargain.  Better still, when something is absolutely free of charge! With everyone tightening their belt in the recession, the web has added fuel to the trend of reuse and recycling, with many people becoming more creative in the process. This collection of recycling,  and free exchange websites should provide bargain hunters with a much more sustainable approach to furnishing their home, as well as  helping us all to become greener in the process.… Read the rest of this post »

Students – are you eligible for a t.v. license refund?

Posted: by June 25th, 2010
Stylish retro TV Well, the university year has come to its end, and thousands of students across Northern Ireland are vacating their digs for the summer break. We’ve some good news if you are a student moving out.… Read the rest of this post »

Extreme sports to perform from the comfort of your home

Posted: by February 25th, 2010
freelogo-extreme It never ceases to amaze us what things people get up to with their properties. What better place to find them, than on the web? Some of these thrill seekers have taken the boundaries of what you can do inside your home, and literally in turned them on their head.… Read the rest of this post »

5 tips to help avoid the housemate from hell

Posted: by August 3rd, 2009
The crunch for many means that demand for rented accommodation is at an all time high. There are a few occasions in life when you will not only be renting a home, but you may also be living with complete strangers.  If you are in the unenviable position of being a single someone, or a group of students who only need to sublet one room, picking your flat mate is akin to picking your other half – fraught with pitfalls!… Read the rest of this post »