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Belfast Is The Cheapest UK City For Student Rent

Posted: by October 29th, 2018
Find out how much Belfast students can expect the pay for rent, compared to other UK university cities. Read the rest of this post »

10 Amazing Belfast Student Rentals – From Budget Friendly To Luxury Finds

Posted: by August 24th, 2018
If you're looking for student digs for the year ahead, here's our top ten finds from a budget friendly £237 per month, right up to almost £1000! Read the rest of this post »

13 Tips For Viewing A Rental Property

Posted: by March 8th, 2018
If you're on the hunt for a house or apartment to rent in NI, read our top tips of things to remember and questions to ask when the time comes to view the rental. Read the rest of this post »

Belfast Student Rent – Lowest in UK

Posted: by August 31st, 2017
Students in Belfast are quids up on their monthly rent compared to their UK counterparts, according to the latest Student Living Index published by RBS.  … Read the rest of this post »

The complete guide to renting a property

Posted: by May 18th, 2010
Absolutely everything you need to know about renting. Most people will have rented property at some time or another in our lives, whether it was during times as a student, living abroad or in some cases – whilst waiting for the current housing market to recover. If you’ve never rented before, or simply are looking for good solid advice, this guide to renting a property should help you out. We don’t recommend you follow every point we’ve discussed here to the letter – as everyone’s situation is different, just use your common sense, and pick out the bits applicable to you.… Read the rest of this post »