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Tribeca Belfast – Name Revealed For £500m City Centre Regeneration Project

Posted: by November 29th, 2018
Tribeca will be the biggest redevelopment project Belfast city centre has seen. Find out more about the scheme, set to begin in 2019. Read the rest of this post »

‘Northern Ireland’s Most Luxurious Development’ Unveiled – Coralmount In Derry/Londonderry Launches

Posted: by March 12th, 2018
Today saw the launch of Coralmount, described as 'Northern Ireland's Most Luxurious Development'. Find out more about these properties and get a sneak peak inside. Read the rest of this post »

Hagan Homes Now Accepting Bitcoin Payment For New Homes

Posted: by March 2nd, 2018
One of Northern Ireland's largest homebuilders, Hagan Homes, has announced that it will now be accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a form of payment for new homes. Read more. Read the rest of this post »
238-240 Seacoast Road, Limavady

Stocking Fillers – 10 ‘Cracker’ NI Homes For Sale Under £100k

Posted: by December 8th, 2017
10 Best Stocking Filler Homes For Sale In N. Ireland With Prices That Sit Comfortably In The 'Stocking Filler' Category Of Under £100K! Read the rest of this post »

Developers skip out house number 13!

Posted: by October 13th, 2017
Friday the 13th has arrived and PropertyPal has uncovered some chillingly interesting facts about house number 13’s! … Read the rest of this post »

Co-ownership purchase price increases to £160,000

Posted: by April 10th, 2017
If you thought Co-ownership was not a feasible option for you, good news! There has been a £10,000 increase in the cap of the property you can purchase along with a few other applicant criteria changes as detailed below. This could mean that the new home you are looking for now falls within the boundaries of the scheme. Read the rest of this post »

Here’s what we are seeing with the Northern Ireland Housing Market

Posted: by May 5th, 2016
As Northern Ireland’s largest property website, we’ve done some analysis on the new listings that have occurred on PropertyPal since the start of the year to show market growth. If there’s ever been a good time to get listed, it’s now – as stock levels continue to grow. You can see visually how that has played out both for sales and rentals across Northern Ireland in the video below.… Read the rest of this post »

Belfast voted the Best City in the UK

Posted: by March 8th, 2016
It's official... Belfast is the best city in the UK. Read the rest of this post »