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28 Creative Planter Ideas for The Garden

Posted: by April 23rd, 2014
Whether you have a big or small garden, its easy to add additional interest with a few well placed planters. Rather than going out and spending a complete fortune on expensive new pots, why not turn your hand at a few more creative alternatives to traditional planters, with some of these ideas. Read the rest of this post »

Amazing Attics – Turning Unused Spaces into Awesome Places

Posted: by April 11th, 2014
Attics. Most people have them, but few use the space provided to its full potential. A well crafted attic conversion can add significant value to your home, and if you’ve got decent space to play with the possibilities of what you can do are truly endless. Read the rest of this post »

10 Things to Do Before Your First Home Viewing

Posted: by April 3rd, 2014
So you’ve managed to snag your first potential buyer, and they are coming round in a few days. Eek! Now what?… Read the rest of this post »

5 DIY Aromatherapy Projects to Invigorate your Home.

Posted: by August 19th, 2013
Scents and smells within the home are eminently personal. We attach memories to aromas and certain smells can evoke positive emotions and stir feelings. It’s no surprise that many home owners use the power of smell to help sell their home as part of the overall home staging process. What could be better than the smell of fresh flowers or freshly baked bread when viewing a home for the first time? Read the rest of this post »

How to build your own garden sink with a whiskey barrel.

Posted: by April 23rd, 2013
With the summer approaching soon, outdoor barbecuing is not far off. Following on from our build your own brick barbecue project, who wouldn’t want the ability to have their own garden sink handy to wash messy kids etc? This DIY garden sink project is the perfect addition to any garden, looks good and is practical for the summer season.… Read the rest of this post »

Bathroom Makeover Ideas for Modern Living

Posted: by March 28th, 2013
The bathroom is often the room where people managed to get much needed R&R from everyday life, and to get some serious ‘me’ time. If home makeover is your thing, and the bathroom is high on your agenda, this selection of inspirational bathroom designs and features are sure to get your creative juices flowing.… Read the rest of this post »

Creative kids bedroom entertainment!

Posted: by November 21st, 2010
Ever thought about creating a crazy marble run for the kids? Look no further.… Read the rest of this post »

Envisioning Interactions in the homes of the future

Posted: by June 3rd, 2010
In collaboration with Intel Labs Seattle , during an intensive five week project, five student teams conducted an iterative user-centered design process to explore future applications for the projection of interfaces on any surface suitable for display and interaction in the home of the future.… Read the rest of this post »

5 forgotten rooms that will get you a quicker sale

Posted: by July 8th, 2009
The difference in the sexes are ever present when it comes to buying a home. Some things only women notice and care about, other things only men care about – and its only when all the boxes are ticked do you manage a successful sale. We’ve looked at some of the (subtle) yet funny differences in the sexes when they are buying a new home. Hopefully they’ll help you if you are trying to sell; or avoid a full scale domestic if you are looking to buy.… Read the rest of this post »