Estate Agent Tips

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Estate Agents

Posted: by April 18th, 2016
With Estate Agency being a busy profession, it helps massively to be able to quickly access computing power in your pocket.  The following article showcases the most helpful apps from around the web for busy estate agents. Read the rest of this post »

Social Media – A Simple Guide to Getting Started.

Posted: by April 14th, 2016
As the shift in trend from search to social continues, it makes sense to build your business social network for the future, and consolidate your audience across platforms. Getting started isn't as hard as you might think, and this 10 step guide should help you on the way to marketing success. Read the rest of this post »

Social Media Tips for Estate Agent Professionals

Posted: by April 13th, 2016
Social media is omnipresent on the web now. We have built a following across a variety of social platforms to boost the exposure that you receive. Read the rest of this post »

7 Simple SEO Tips for Estate Agents

Posted: by April 12th, 2016
With Google playing a huge role in generating traffic, leads and business for Estate Agents, we realise how important it is to you to get the basics right. We’ve collated a checklist of things you can do to increase your Google presence today. Read the rest of this post »

How Google Determines Local SEO Ranking

Posted: by April 11th, 2016
How do Google determine how to rank results? As of the start of this month, they have lifted the lid on some of the secret sauce that determines search ranking.. Read the rest of this post »

PropertyPal Adds Listing Support For Innovative 3D Showcase Tours

Posted: by February 29th, 2016
With online marketing, one of the obvious benefits is the global reach that it can provide, so we often hear anecdotally about people in other countries using our website abroad to come back home to Northern Ireland. Virtual tours provide the facility to market a home to potential buyers or renters who may not be able to visit the home for a viewing prior to making a purchasing decision and the ability to conduct virtual tours was an innovation that we introduced to back in 2014.… Read the rest of this post »

Measuring your marketing results by using Cost per lead analysis

Posted: by January 22nd, 2016
Understanding your marketing spend is an important step when running an efficient business that is trying to grow. The beauty of online marketing has always been the absolute control of spend against results. Whereas typically with print based adverts, you had no idea just how many people seen and reacted your advert, conversely online marketing provides a way to see pound for pound what sort of impact your campaigns have had. Read the rest of this post »

Reputation Management For Estate Agents

Posted: by December 17th, 2015
reputation-management Review websites are a large part of the internet nowadays as people research businesses prior to making a purchase, and Estate Agencies are no different than any other. In fact service based businesses should pay particular attention to this trend. So how do you go about managing your business reputation online?… Read the rest of this post »