This brick-laying robot can build your house 4 times faster than humans

Posted: by August 30th, 2016

Innovation in housing doesn’t always have to come from materials. Brick laying just got a whole load faster with the Hadrian X – a robotic brick laying machine created by Fastbrick robotics that currently lays at a rate of 1000 bricks per hour – compared to the human average of 300-500 per day. Nominated as a finalist in the 2016 Mitsubishi Corporation Western Australia Innovator of the Year, the company hopes to speed the rate of delivery in housing projects up significantly. When a 3D design of a structure is uploaded to the software, the machine automatically determines how many bricks are needed, and which ones need to be cut.

Although the structure shown in the video doesn’t contain any mortar (and there are some mortarless building products on the market), the machine uses a construction adhesive rather than traditional mortar to maximise the speed and thermal efficiency of its build, and minimising wind impact during the construction process.

The Hadrian X machines will utilise the most advanced construction adhesives on the market today. In conjunction with interlocking precision bricks and blocks, some 15 times larger than standard bricks, the machine and system will produce structurally sound wall to renderable quality at speeds never seen before. Fastbrick is working towards the development of a model for commercial use in 2017/18.

Check out the timelapse of it in operation below:


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