Belfast Student Rent – Lowest in UK

Posted: by August 31st, 2017

Students in Belfast are quids up on their monthly rent compared to their UK counterparts, according to the latest Student Living Index published by RBS.  





Figures show Belfast students pay less on rent than any of their UK counterparts, at £324.96 per month compared to the UK average of £448.00. 

London scored the highest of all with average student rents costing £584.32 per month, followed by Birmingham (£502.35) and Cambridge (£501.78). 

The figures also indicate that Belfast students are eager to use this ‘disposal’ income on other things – mainly alcohol, fashion and socialising   – spending on average £37.71, £34.50 and £30.50 respectively per month on each.  Alcohol expenditure was less than the UK student monthly average of £38.61. 

Moreover, despite lower rents – Belfast is regarded as one of the most expensive cities to live for students in terms of other living costs. 

Students in Belfast are at the lower end of the scale in terms of monthly parental income support, on average receiving £167.60 from the bank of mum and dad, significantly less than in Durham where students are compensated by their parents to the tune of £412.90 on average per month.  

Student loans make up the most to students’ income.  Also, figures found Belfast University students earn a comparable monthly income to other UK students on term-time and holiday work. 

Asides from rent, the largest expenditure for all UK University students is supermarket grocery shopping – with an average monthly spend of £78.10, closely followed by going out and socialising with friends – which comes with a monthly average spend of £43.30.

Just over half of UK students admitted to having a budget and sticking to it.  These statistics were gained from a snapshot of 3,407 University students living across the UK in May/June 2017. 




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