Belfast Is The Cheapest UK City For Student Rent

Posted: by October 29th, 2018

Belfast students pay the least for rent, compared to students at other UK university cities.

NatWest’s Student Living Index 2018 asked students from 35 top UK universities how much they spend per month on living costs and found that, at £339.15, Belfast students enjoy the cheapest rent.

Despite low rent, however, Belfast came in at 23rd (out of 35) in the Student Living Index which works out the best value-for-money university, based on cost of living versus monthly income.

Whilst Belfast students might save on rent, they pay for it in the local pub. They can expect to pay the most for a pint at £7.20, and the most for a spirit mixer at £9.10 (both over double the UK average). They also pay the most for coffee, spending £6.10 on average – a stark contrast to the £2.10 that students in Swansea pay.

Belfast students also they spend the most each month on a car (£64.79) when compared to students in other cities.

Even though they can expect to pay the least on rent, students in Belfast are the most likely to say living at home was their number one motivator for choosing their university.



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