Amazing Attics – Turning Unused Spaces into Awesome Places

Posted: by April 11th, 2014

Attics. Most people have them, but few use the space provided to its full potential. A well crafted attic conversion can add significant value to your home, and if you’ve got decent space to play with the possibilities of what you can do are truly endless. We’ve compiled a post on some of the ideas we have on how to transform and re purpose your attic, and turn and unused space into an amazing space. Have a peek at some of the ideas below and let us know what you think..

Quiet Attic Reading Spaces

With the right furnishing in a number of cases the attic can be a place for tranquil relaxation, and it’s not even dependent on size. As these projects showcase, all you need is a nook, and an outward facing window to create your own place to grab a good book and relax.

farmhouse-bedroom (1)


Wardrobe Conversion

With the majority of us not having bucketloads of space, in our home the attic is an often overlooked area for storage. This elegant example has amble hooks and hangers nestled into the wall for coats and hats, allowing the owners to tidy up the winter wardrobe and store it away until needed. The antique look furniture and light fitting also adds to the space, giving it a rustic, shabby chic vibe.


Getting the storage right. This built in rustic closet both adds to the room overall, and tidies any mess away under the eaves.



Additional Bathroom Space

As some of these photos show, with some creative use of space, it is possible to convert an attic into an additional bathroom or toilet.




Living Area

Depending on the size of your attic, you may find yourself lucky enough to convert it into a “real” room, and actually use it as everyday living space. With adequate light coming into the room, and a white wall interior – what was previously a dark and dingy space is now converted and full of life again.




Home Office Space

For a successful conversion of an attic into a home office, the room should allow for a well-proportioned window that can be integrated into the overall architecture of the house, which is less of a problem in bigger loft conversions, but it is definitely worth investing in either dormer windows or skylights to help boost your productivity.




traditional-home-office (1)

Games Room

Ah, the man room. What better place to banish your other half? An attic games room lets him relax with his buddies, and combined with a few man cave accessories remain positively content.  This idea is somewhat dependant on the size available to you, but if you’ve a big home, and a large attic, its a brilliant selling point.




Kids Bedroom

Following on from our post earlier, its easy to fit a small, into a small space. With a splash of colour, and interesting decor, you can completely change the purpose of what your attic is currently used for into a spaces for the kids to play, work and relax.

eclectic-kids (1)

traditional-kids (2)


contemporary-kids (3)

traditional-kids (3)


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