This adorable Corgi wants to sell you a home..

Posted: by September 7th, 2016

When it comes to marketing homes, sometimes a little bit of creativity goes an awful long way. San Francisco based agency the San Francisco Good Life Team decided to use *every* tool at their disposal to get eyeballs on their $1.3 million dollar listing. The result is this too-cute-for-life video of Chompers (and a few others) – the adorable Corgis who want to sell you a home. Sure, his vocabulary is a little limited. But with that bow tie and puppy dog eyes, you know you’ll want what he’s selling.

So far, the video has had about 64,000 views on YouTube at time of writing, and was awarded Outstanding Online Video 2016 by the Web Marketing Association.

Can’t get enough of the little guy? How about overdosing on some cute gifs.

corgi-real-estate-agent-01 corgi-real-estate-agent-02    corgi-real-estate-agent-04

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