A home for all seasons

Posted: by January 6th, 2017

For environments that have extremes of weather, building homes that cater for the harshest of climates in winter, but also lend themselves to warm summers is a hard problem to solve. You will want extreme insulation properties for the colder months and the ability to benefit from the beautiful surroundings in summer. This architectural concept from D*Haus attempts to solve that problem allowing adaptation from winter to summer, and day to night by literally moving inside itself. It is both crazy and genius in equal measure.

Conceived for the harsh, climatic extremes from ‘Lapland to Cape Horn and Aleutians to Auckland’ The D*Haus concept can respond dynamically to its environment by controlled adaptation to seasonal, meteorological and astronomical conditions.

The house unfolds itself like a Rubiks Cube. The thick heavy external walls unfold into internal walls allowing glass internal walls to become facades. Doors become windows and vice versa. In the winter time, the house is in a square formation, with small windows and high thermal mass. It literally hugs itself. As the seasons change and climate warms, the house opens up, like a flower opens up to allow light and air to penetrate the inside of the building offering full panoramic views of the surroundings.



When in triangle formation the house is orientated due south. Its south east facade which contains bedrooms which are all glazed, means that as you wake up in the morning you can watch the sun rise. After a day’s activities, you can come home and watch the sun set in the south west facing living rooms and kitchen.

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