8 easy ways to promote your property

Posted: by September 9th, 2010

Promoting property online, especially using portals such as ourselves, has never been easier. However, there are a few things both agents and vendors can do to enhances the exposure of their property, outside the scope of just adding it to ourselves.

This post summarises some of the ways in which you can squeeze a little extra out of the web to increase your enquiries, and the number of views!

1) Share on a personal blog / website

If you run either a personal blog, WordPress or Tumble log (Tumblr) or (Posterous) or (Amplify) , has two benefits. Firstly, it showcases the property in question to your existing traffic, and secondly, it is an additional link to the property from around the web. Google loves links, and may raise your property above others in the search engines. You may even want to start a personal blog about your journey selling or buying a property, and provide links through those means.

2) Add a link to the property on a relevant forum

Similar to the above, relevant links in relevant forums, such as House Price Crash, MoneySavingExpert and others all help to increase the number of views an individual property receives. Don’t simply SPAM the forums with a link though. You may want to ask for advice on selling, or whether the community thinks your price is realistic for the market conditions. Many of the forum members are extremely helpful, and professionals within the property industry are at your finger tips.

3) Share the property on Facebook

The social web, has never been more important. If estate agents have collected a decent following of fans, there is an opportunity to increase exposure by sharing properties on the social network. Likewise, vendors should take the opportunity to share their particular property with friends and family, who in turn, may share / or like  it which will help you increase the views it receives. We’ve made it simple to share an individual property on our site, just click the ‘Like’ button, and if you are logged in, it will instantly be added to your stream.

4) Share the property on Twitter

If you are a member of Twitter, an interesting tweet about your home listed on our site may receive retweets from others. Hint. We’ve often been known to retweet links to properties listed on our own site, and a number of vendors have benefited from that exposure in the past.

5) Share the property on your LinkedIn profile

If you have a Linkedin profile, they also offer a status update facility where you can let other professionals know what properties you are marketing, or if you are a vendor, simply that your home is for sale.

6) Add the URL to Social Bookmarking sites

You may find that adding to services such as Delicious, may increase the number of views your property receives, especially if there is a unique selling point to your home. The web likes interesting, so if you can add any additional features or separate yourself from the crowd, so much the better. Another interesting take that we’ve noticed some vendors doing, is blogging about their property and their experience at length, then adding these blog posts to large social networks, which in turn gets more visits to their blog. Links to the property then result in enquiries. If you need any inspiration for where else to submit, try here.

7) Create a video of your property

A number of our vendors, and agents are exploiting the power of video on the web, and are creating professional video tours, showcasing  the property. With a dedicated area that you can upload in our backoffice system you are now able to add property videos to PropertyPal yourself. Got a particular big video? Send us a Dropbox. 

8) Feature It

Did you know that featured properties get about twice the number of views! You can easily purchase featured adverts to put your property at the top of our listings.


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