15 things your home can do without in 2015

Posted: by January 7th, 2015


January is a great month to free up space in the home. Every one accumulates clutter over the year and there’s a certain amount of satisfaction in clearing out the junk and rubbish you no longer need and throwing away that will set you up for a great 2015.  (Of course Recycling or donating is always welcome where applicable). We’ve sorted through our own junk at home and come up with the following guide on the perfect home clean out guide. 

Out of date food.

food-icon Start in the kitchen cupboards, and get them organised. If you are anything like me, you’ll like hoard tinned food at the back of a cupboard for a rainy day, and it will never see the light of day. If it’s out of date, dump it. You’ll be amazed at what space hides right at the back. Once you are done dumping, clean the cupboards down, and organise tins with the most recent expiry dates at the front to encourage you to get them used up. Once washed down, any musty smells in the cupboard can be easily sorted with a small bowl of baking soda left overnight which will absorb odours.

Out of date medicines.

medicines-icon It’s neither safe nor sensible to keep your medicines cupboard disorganised. The best way to dispose of medicines that are no longer needed is to return them to your pharmacist, or flush them to prevent accidental discovery by pets.


Electrical Chargers for Devices no longer with us.

Nokia 3210 gone to that great big castle in the sky? Unfortunately its time to let go, yes I know its tough, but chances are you aren’t going to need that charger any more. If you find the phone to go with it, well..it can probably go with it, or better again try your luck at a cash for phones website.

Receipts for clothing

clothing-receipts-icon Once you’ve put on an outfit and taken off the tags, you can generally get rid of the receipt. Big electrical items are worth keeping for a bit longer. It’s worth going through your shoebox (or wallet / purchase) full of receipts at this time of the year and sorting out the long term keepers from the safely can dump.


photos-icon If you’ve lots of old photos kicking around, and don’t have them on display getting them digitized is a great way of freeing up space in a drawer. You can pick photo scanners up relatively cheaply on Amazon or Ebay.


magazine-icon If it doesn’t say 2015 on it, sorry, you aren’t allowed to keep it. If there are useful articles, keep a scrap book, and cut and paste the useful tips out. But it is 2015, and really, you should have a Pinterest account for that sort of thing


towels-icon Treat yourself to some new towels, and get rid of all the old harsher ones you don’t need. It’s the single most simple tip to getting organised and keeping on top of washing that there is. You’ll cut down on the space used in the airing cupboard, cut down on the space multiple towels take up in the wash.

Clothes and Shoes

shoes-icon Holding onto old clothes and shoes is pretty common. If it doesn’t fit, has shrank in the wash, or lost its colour, just say goodbye. New Year, new you starts with your wardrobe, so don’t put up with keeping things you no longer wear or need. Charity shops will gladly take your swag, so get those bin bags filled up.

Duplicates of Pretty much anything

duplicates-icon If you’ve been given a gift twice at Christmas, take one back. It’s easy to hold onto a gift to save someone’s feelings if you already have it, but no one really needs two copies of The Hobbit. Don’t kid yourself that you might lose one it will only take up space in your home.

CDs for old computer programs.

computers-icon As self proclaimed geeks ourselves we have a fair amount of software kicking around on disks from 1995. With digital delivery of software and the internet, chances are you no longer need them, particularly if updates have come out for that particular piece of software.

Christmas bits you no longer need.

christmas-icon Broken Lights. bin. Broken Decorations. bin. Old wrapping paper. bin. Boxes from Christmas. bin. Don’t let the holiday season escape without a few casualties of the war on clutter in January. You’ll thank yourself for it next year.

Old Calendars

calendars-icon 2014 is gone. Might be time to throw those aging calendars out. If your house is like mine, you might have the odd freebie handed out from the local takeaway that is safe to get rid of as well. Copy any key dates across to your 2015 one (Birthdays and reminders) and you’ll be good to go.


makeup-icon Ladies, we’re looking at you. Dried up nail polish, and old fragments of foundation can safely go in the bin. With a bit of luck your nearest and dearest will have bought you some new stuff for the year ahead.

Mugs and Glasses

mugs-icon Why do people have so many glasses? If you regularly have parties in your house, I guess it makes sense to have supplies on demand. The rest of the year round, you likely gravitate towards your favourite ones and the remainder collect dust. Box and put away the glasses and mugs you don’t use, and keep a sensible number in the cupboards. For one, it saves them collecting around the sink unnecessarily.

The man drawer.

man-drawer-icon We all have that place in the house where the takeaway menus, broken headphones,  dead batteries, and Swedish Krona from 1983 live. They can all definitely go, and get replaced with shiny drawer organisers that will help to keep you in check for 2015.

What’s on your list?


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