13 Inspiring Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas For 2016

Posted: by December 2nd, 2016

No home is complete without the addition of a beautifully decorated tree, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional spruce pine you’ve always dreamed of.  If you find that space in your home limits you from putting up a full Christmas tree, or if you simply fancy a bit of a change this year this collection of alternative options may be just the inspiration you are looking for. 

Frosted Branches Christmas Tree

With some simple branches and Christmas lights, this alternative Christmas Tree idea is elegant and minimalist and the colour schemes used in the ornamental decoration give it a distinctly Nordic Christmas feel. 

via Cox and Cox £40

rustic alternative Christmas Tree

Berries and Branches

An alternative Christmas tree by The Jubiltree Company made from Maple and decorated with Berries, found birds nests and a selection of Christmas lights.


Picture Shelf Tree

Black picture shelving, on a dark wall make this chic and elegant idea come to life.  It’s relatively easy to just cut the shelves to size, paint and decorate.

via PaperBlog


Instagram Print Tree

Who needs a tower of pine and lights when you can showcase those near and dear to you instead?

via Emily Henderson


Recycled Paper Christmas Tree

Need to find a home for all that additional paper kicking around and build a tree that doesn’t drop any pines? Look no further.

via PopSugar


Upcycled Old Ladder Christmas Tree

via Upcycled Wonders


Alternative Minimalist Christmas Tree Idea

Maybe space is at a premium, or you live in an apartment where getting a large tree indoors is a problem. This alternative minimalist Christmas tree is super simple to make and offers an elegant alternative.

via JelanieShop


Simple Wooden Alternative Tree

Get your MDF skills sharpened up. This tree in the corner of any room looks great. 



Just add lights

This affordable alternative to a Christmas tree is super versatile, and adds festive cheer anywhere in the house.

via PopSugar


Stacked Presents

How simple is this idea? Stacked presents on a shelf with a Star to finish it off. Perfect.



Around the Corner Tree

via WeHeartIt


Ladder and Lights

Soo pretty. via Instagram


A splash of colour

via EFrame



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