10 Simple Ideas for a Cosy Christmas Living Room

Posted: by November 30th, 2016

Everyone loves to settle in for Christmas and feel all snug and warm, and this collection of rooms and ideas makes you feel all warm inside just by looking at them! Many of the ideas are easy to achieve with layered textures, fake fur throws, and cosy blankets being the must have accessories for additional room warmth at Christmas. Combine with a well decorated tree, Christmas candles and you favourite board game for a living room that truly comes to life over the festive period…


Adding a natural range of soft furnishings to a room, such as faux fur throws, and beanies, and plenty of cable knit cushions creates an instant atmosphere of comfort in the home. Soft lights and candles make this a cosy space where the kids can watch their favourite Christmas movie.


With a huge open fireplace and chunky wooden furniture. You can instantly transport yourself to your own idyllic wooden cabin hideaway. Again, plenty of throws, and cosy rugs gives a certain amount of warmth to the overall look of the room.


If you don’t fancy an open fireplace,or if its closed over its easy to replace the space underneath with a collection of different sized candles, giving the impression of light and warmth to the room.


An amazing room to start with,  including  a collection of multiple patterns and colours that bring this bright room with with plenty of natural light to life.  Layering different textures, colours and patterns with traditional intricate patterns helps to make it snug and cosy at Christmas.


The chunky garland in this home spills out over the fireplace with similar decorations to that used on the tree, so much so, that it is almost an extension of the overall room decor. Lights on the garland help to accentuate the overall effect.


If you are lucky enough to have a tall ceiling in your room, then a tall tree is a must. This example, combined with minimal soft light coming from the garland, the open fire and the candles on the coffee table help to achieve the extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere.



A classic Scandinavian Christmas, with white and gold tree, decor and cable knit accessories. If your home is modern and has plenty of natural materials and woods, this is an easy effect and theme to achieve.  Whites, grey and golds go perfectly in a modern home.


Bring out the blankets, light the fireplace (or just a lot of candles), and gather your family and friends for a round of your favourite board game! This green and red themed living room comes to life with the numerous cosy accessories.


A basket with cosy blankets and a heart warming note. A must have at Christmas for additional warmth.



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