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7 Practical ways to Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

Posted: by December 12th, 2016
As Winter sets in you’ve no doubt felt the cold nipping at your toes over the last while. It’s always worthwhile having a bit of a run around the house and seeing where you can make things a little warmer. This blog article does just that, saving you money on your heating bill, and ensuring that your home always stays cosy over the Winter months.… Read the rest of this post »

You won’t believe it but this home looks like a Dragon Emerging from the Cliffside.

Posted: by April 13th, 2016
GilBartolome Architects created this contemporary residence on an extremely challenging plot in Granada, Spain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The aptly named, House on the Cliff, is literally built into the hillside with a 42-degree incline. Read the rest of this post »

10 Awesome Websites Every HomeOwner Should Know About

Posted: by July 20th, 2015
As well as PropertyPal, the web is a wonderful place for home inspiration. Whether you are planning a complete home makeover project, or simply looking for some new places to get ideas, this collection of 10 websites that you may not know about, should hopefully provide you with a couple of new places worth visiting.… Read the rest of this post »

28 Funky Accessories Your Home Can’t Do Without

Posted: by January 16th, 2015
Wondering what the best way to jazz up your otherwise boring pad is? Get yourself a few of these stand out pieces and accessorize to your hearts content. We’ve dug out some of the funkiest products for the home from around the web. Take a look. … Read the rest of this post »

This Engineer Turned a Boeing 727 Into His Everyday Home

Posted: by June 12th, 2014
Bruce Campbell based in Oregon purchased a retired Boeing 727 for about US$220,000 and has subsequently installed it in a suburban wooded area outside Portland, Oregon of USA. His hobby began in 1999. He paid around $23,000 for the 10 acres on which his plane rests. His original plan was to make a home from freight vans, but then he decided a plane would be better.. Read the rest of this post »

Matthew Perry’s Malibu Beachfront Home

Posted: by June 2nd, 2014
Chandler Bing aka Matthew Perry's home is on the market in the States, for $12.5 million. This week, he relisted his home at 3556 Sweetwater Mesa Rd for $12.5 million. Read the rest of this post »

Tiny Apartment transforms into 24 different rooms

Posted: by June 23rd, 2010
What do you do when you are really tight for space, and still want the benefits of modern living? As space is at a premium in China, sometimes really clever design is used to great effect.… Read the rest of this post »

19 weird and wonderful houses from around the globe

Posted: by October 26th, 2009
We thought we’d bring a bit of fun to the blog this week, with some weird and wacky houses from around the globe. Some of these you may have seen; others perhaps not so much. Enjoy!… Read the rest of this post »