Hagan Homes to build 35 new homes in Dunmurry in a £4.5 million development.

Posted: by February 20th, 2017
Hagan Homes, one of Northern Ireland’s largest homebuilders, is to build 35 new homes in Dunmurry, Co. Antrim (BT17) in a £4.5 million development. Construction of the 35 homes on the 2.3 acres Willow Park site has just started and will take up to 18 months to complete.  Approximately 50 construction jobs will be created.  Phase 1 of the development is scheduled for completion in summer 2017, with prices starting from £90,000.  The development will include 2 bed apartments, 3 bed townhouses, 3 bed semi-detached and 3 bed-detached homes. The entire site is due for completion by summer 2018.… Read the rest of this post »

Northern Ireland House Price Index increases by 0.6% for the last quarter of 2016.

Posted: by February 14th, 2017
Land & Property Services assisted by the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency today released the House Price Index report for Quarter 4 2016. The Index measures change in the price of residential property sold in Northern Ireland (NI). The Index uses stamp duty information on residential property sales recorded by HMRC. Read the rest of this post »

University of Ulster student accommodation given the green light

Posted: by January 18th, 2017
Plans for the 307 bedroom development on York Street, adjacent to the new Ulster University campus, were approved by Belfast City Council on Tuesday night. It is the last purpose built student accommodation complex currently planned for the city to be given the go ahead.  It encompasses 307 student apartments alongside three retail outlets and a gym, and is designed by architects Robinson McIlwaine.  … Read the rest of this post »

Northern Ireland continues to be happiest place to live

Posted: by January 13th, 2017
Northern Ireland continues to be the happiest place to live in the UK, according to a survey released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) today.  Northern Ireland continues to have the highest personal well-being ratings when compared with the other constituent countries of the UK. Ratings of life satisfaction, worthwhile and happiness in Northern Ireland are higher than those in England, Wales, Scotland and the UK average, with anxiety levels the lowest.… Read the rest of this post »

A home for all seasons

Posted: by January 6th, 2017
For environments that have extremes of weather, building homes that cater for the harshest of climates in winter, but also lend themselves to warm summers is a hard problem to solve. You will want extreme insulation properties for the colder months and the ability to benefit from the beautiful surroundings in summer. This architectural concept from D*Haus attempts to solve that problem allowing adaptation from winter to summer, and day to night by literally moving inside itself. It is both crazy and genius in equal measure.… Read the rest of this post »

15 of the Coolest DIY Christmas Decorations

Posted: by December 19th, 2016
Finding perfect decorations for your Christmas tree can often get expensive. Thankfully, there are lots of projects online that provide you with a much more thrifty alternative. If you’ve got the added bonus of the kids under your feet over the holiday season, you can solve both problems easily by turning your hand to some simple Christmas crafts to help decorate.… Read the rest of this post »

21 Amazing Creative Christmas Dining Table Ideas

Posted: by December 14th, 2016
If you are in need of some much needed inspiration and aren't sure where to start, this collection of amazing Christmas dining table ideas will be sure to give you some ideas in the run up to the big day. Read the rest of this post »

7 Practical ways to Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

Posted: by December 12th, 2016
As Winter sets in you’ve no doubt felt the cold nipping at your toes over the last while. It’s always worthwhile having a bit of a run around the house and seeing where you can make things a little warmer. This blog article does just that, saving you money on your heating bill, and ensuring that your home always stays cosy over the Winter months.… Read the rest of this post »

How to Get the Perfect Christmas Aroma in Your Home

Posted: by December 8th, 2016
The cold Winter months often see us flock to candle stores in an effort to make our homes that bit cosier.  As the days draw closer to Christmas, it’s a perfect time to enjoy scented candles,  diffusing and blending essential oils that will help get us into the spirit of the season.… Read the rest of this post »

Adams McGillan – First Year Anniversary

Posted: by December 6th, 2016
We grow up with bedtime stories, we go to school and are taught that every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end so get comfy and we will begin… Read the rest of this post »