Is Your House Driving You Up the Wall?

Posted: by April 29th, 2014

It seems, that once you reach a certain level of wealth,you start to run out of ideas on what to hang on your walls. Marrying beautiful car design and architecture  this collection of crazy homes perfectly illustrate, that there’s always space to hang a beautiful car. 

Gil Dezer decided against actually driving his motor about town, and instead went through the trouble of employing a team of technicians to attach the car on a wall, above one of the doors in his luxury condo. The 34-year-old, self-proclaimed “Porsche fanatic” has hung a 1950 Porsche Spyder 550 in his living room. It’s not often that we meet someone who thinks of a car as art work owing to the exhausting labor that goes into the making of such luxury cars. As he has about another 7 Porsches, it seems he doesn’t mind having this one just for show, especially when he can control its headlights and horn from a touchscreen system next to the door.


Richard Moriarty hired Fleetwood Joiner (best name for an architect ever) to help him create a room centered around a 1974 Lamborghini Countach hanging on his wall. The car, which has the full interior, but presumably not the engine, is visible from anywhere in the room, including the outside pool area. The skylight above was designed so that the car could be dropped into the house through the roof by a giant crane.  Just because.

“I have a Lamborghini and I’ve got a big wall,” he said. Moriarty bought the car 10 years ago, paying a collector US$60,000. But the upkeep was a nightmare. The gas tank had rust damage, and the engine kept stalling. “I got tired of having it towed,” he said. On Friday, the sleek black Countach — license plate “FAASST” — was officially retired.

As Moriarty’s fiancée, auto mechanic, architect and several friends snapped photos with cellphones and cameras, the car was hoisted 60 feet in the air by the crane. Then a five-man crew manoeuvred the 1,000-pound, engineless vehicle through the skylight and hung it from a steel-reinforced wall with loops of half-inch-thick steel cable. “It’s a beautiful piece of art,” Joiner said. But Moriarty, in flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt, wasn’t quite satisfied. “I want to stencil some tire marks on the wall,” he said. “Seriously.”


 This home in Minneapolis showcases a BRM P261.  Famous drivers of the car include Graham Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart, which competed in Formula 1 from 1965-1968.


Stewarts BRM Being worked on in the pitlane.


Amsterdam design studio Denieuwegeneratie have buried a woodland villa beneath a mound of earth at a Dutch nature reserve, included in the project is a classic Jaguar mounted on the wall. More photos from the architecture firm are available here.

Created for the Dutch Mountain house project, the Denieuwegeneratie designers gutted off Jaguar’s heavier parts like engine, the rectangular section on the roof in order to create space to accommodate books, and the trunk which has been converted to form a cabinet space. This re-worked vintage Jaguar bookshelf resting against the kitchen wall with length-side up is an auto- art work made for the books buffs and the car connoisseurs alike.


Not to be outdone, turns out motorbike fans enjoy hanging their pride and joy on the wall too. This Ducati 916 is hung in a home inLondon and its a concrete block wall. (Thankfully). Its not the first time someone has decided to wall mount a Ducati either. This £3.5m home in Brighton featured on Grand Designs clearly fancied something similar.


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