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Live The Danish Lifestyle – How to Hygge your Home

Posted: by November 10th, 2016
For those not familiar, 'hygge' (pronounced hoo-gah) refers to the Danish lifestyle - a concept roughly described as a feeling of comfort and contentment, as well as indulging in all the good things and people in your life. Read the rest of this post »

25 Funky Ways to Bring Your Staircase Back to Life

Posted: by June 25th, 2015
Stairs are often the one part of an interior that can add an interesting feature. If you are lucky enough to have exposed treads and risers in your home there’s a load of ways you can easily give your staircase a brand new lease of life yourslef. With everything from Regular paint, vinyls, stickers, decals, carpets to different materials, this article explores numerous techniques to decorate your stairs in order to make them more interesting and attractive.… Read the rest of this post »

20 Amazing Examples of Typography Inspired Furniture

Posted: by January 13th, 2015
Where better to display beautiful type than directly on the furniture within our homes? Read the rest of this post »

5 simple DIY projects for home inspiration

Posted: by June 19th, 2014
In the mood for a little home inspiration with minimal perspiration? Check out these DIY projects for some pinspirational ideas for a crafty way to decorate your home on a minimal budget. Read the rest of this post »

Olly Murs Typography Inspired Music Room

Posted: by May 21st, 2014
Olly Murs music room setup is pretty awesome. After seeing some of the typography used in illustrator Alex Fawkes' Sony Music project, Olly decided he wanted something similar in his beautiful London home. Read the rest of this post »

21 Amazing Baby Nursery Ideas

Posted: by May 19th, 2014
One of the more fun rooms to unlease your creativity has to be the kids rooms. With the first few years of a newborn's life being influenced and shaped so much by their surroundings, its no wonder so many doting parents spend time and attention creating beautiful Nursery masterpieces. Read the rest of this post »

12 Simple Decor Ideas for the Hallway

Posted: by April 22nd, 2014
The hallway entrance to your home is an often overlooked space for decor, yet is a perfect space for first impressions, considering it is the first place people see when the walk through your door. Read the rest of this post »

Game of Thrones Inspired Home Cinema Project

Posted: by April 11th, 2014
We are big fans of Game of Thrones here at, and considering filming is down the road, you’d be hard pushed to miss the buzz and excitement surrounding the film, and the upcoming filming of the next two seasons announced yesterday. Read the rest of this post »

25 Creative Kids Bedroom Ideas To Make You Green With Envy

Posted: by April 10th, 2014
Probably one of the most fun rooms to think about decorating in the house, is your kids bedroom or play room. After all, its your opportunity to pretend that your a child again, and think up the whimsical and wonderful items you would have loved to have as a child. As an added bonus, if you get it right, your kids room will be a solace for them AND you, and they’ll be quite content to play, read or work in their own space. Read the rest of this post »

Modern House in Sandymount, Dublin By Optimise Design

Posted: by April 1st, 2014
This stunning interior project from architecture and Interior design consultancy – Optimise Design in Dublin, involved the complete refurbishment, extension and interior design of a 5 bedroom house in Sandymount, Dublin.… Read the rest of this post »