21 Amazing Baby Nursery Ideas

Posted: by May 19th, 2014

One of the more fun rooms to unlease your creativity has to be the kids rooms. With the first few years of a newborn’s life being influenced and shaped so much by their surroundings, its no wonder so many doting parents spend time and attention creating beautiful Nursery masterpieces. Whether you are feeling broody, or have a new addition to the family on the way – this collection of baby nursery ideas is sure to get your creative juices flowing.  Let us know your favourites in the comments.

1) Jungle / Outback Theme

The neutral colours on this nursery, along with the touch of wood and animal hides give a pretty wild feel to this baby room.


2) Yellow / Grey Theme

This colourful nursery, with its injection of bright baby yellows against a more serene grey and white stripe provides eye candy for the accessories used throughout the room decor.


(via NatashaSmithPhoto)

3) Owl Themed Nursery

Organic, outdoor colours provide a treetop experience in this own themed nursery from Interior Designer Nikki Berry.


via (Nikki iKkin)

4) Sissy & Marley

Again, another more subtle Jungle theme, this kids nursery theme has been designed by Sissy & Marley interior designs NYC. Beautiful.



(via Sissy & Marley)

5) Colours and Textures Overload.

The bright orange accents of this room really stand out among the deep gray walls. A fancy light fitting, along with elegant furniture and fittings provides a more ‘grown up’ feel.


Source: Instagram User maesdesalto

 6) A Little Boy and His Dog.

Project Nursery is a fantastic resource for all things baby nursery. This project gallery entry is no exception. Using the Doggy print as inspiration, the colours, textures and decor inside all complement each other perfectly. Particulalry nice is the “Read to Me” sign, made from an old kids book.




7) Subtle Winnie the Pooh Theme

This is a contemporary idea, using hexagons of fabric as detail to create a honeycomb feature above the cot. Storage is from IKEA.


8) Contemporary Crisp & Clean

Going for white accessories with a lot of texture, and then adding interesting elements such as the light and carousel makes this room a joy for both mother and baby. Complete with acrylic cot.

modern-kids (1)

9 Violet’s Nursery

Showing that you don’t have to spend a fortune if you are prepared to put the work in, Violet’s Nursery from ‘A lovely Lark‘ blog, was complete for under £600!

contemporary-kids (1)

 10) Taupe – Organic feel.

I love the colour scheme here, along with signature light shade, wooden floor and the cushion material matching the cot material. The wall effect is actually a Linen Weave effect, and not wallpaper.


11) On Safari Theme

Because every kids room needs a giant, soft toy giraffe. The pelmet and fake curtains around the beds provides a certain amount of class to the overall design.


 12) Nautical Theme

Nautically inspired, this nursery incorporates all the accoutrements of the high seas—nautical pendant flags, a black-and-white sailboat print, rope curtain ties, and a classic red buoy.

contemporary-kids (2)

 13) Chevron Design

The following through of this pattern and colour into all aspects of the room is lovely. The fact that the pattern isn’t overbearing helps.

traditional-kids (1)

14) Classic Opulence Look

The reflective drawers, glass chandelier and decorative mirror all add to the overall feel of opulence.

traditional-kids (2)

15) Stylish Baby Pink

Often the suggestion of a dark colour on a wall is met with negativity. This room decor project has been brave and complemented it with a lighter baby pink in the floor coverings and curtains.

traditional-kids (3)

16) Yellow / Grey Theme

A clean and simple space with lots of natural light, without having “characters” or a “theme”. 



17) Simple Nursery with Accessory Accents


18) Boys Room with Exposed Brickwork


19) Cherub Theme

Over the top? Or just the right amount of swag?

traditional-kids (4)

20) Disney Inspired Theme

This project from ‘The Photographer’s Wife‘ blog, is both a Disney and Toy story inspired theme. Neutral colours with relevant accessories really bring it to life.


21) Harry Potter Themed

For your own little Ron Wealey. This Harry Potter Themed Nursery is amazing. Full photos and details here.



Some other tips worth remembering!

  • Children {and their preferences!} can change quickly so make sure that your room design can grow with your child.  If you are designing your room around a theme, use inexpensive artwork, decorative pillows, and other accessories that can easily be changed up without breaking the budget.
  • Make the space more personal by including photos, handmade projects or artwork, equipment or objects from favorite hobbies, etc.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the children’s section when shopping for decor.  Mix and match vintage pieces, re-purpose old furniture, and come up with some creative ideas for using and transforming every day items.
  • Keep safety in mind especially when designing for younger children.  Book cases, dressers and other freestanding items should be secured to the walls.  Place favourite toys within reach so that you are not encouraging your child to find creative ways to get up to that top shelf.  Ensure that dresser knobs are all attached securely.  Cover radiator and electrical outlets for younger children.  Use blind safety devices to secure cords and install a window guard at the bottom of the window.  


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