18 hilarious things found on Google maps

Posted: by October 29th, 2010

Google maps and streetview since their inception have uncovered some extremely interesting captures, many of them accidental, mistakes or red herrings put there for fun by Google!

We’ve decided to compile a roundup of some of the more interesting finds that we have spotted on our travels.

1) Rainbow Plane

URL: http://bit.ly/dr6a0a

Probably a kink in the internal images within Google, but here’s a 60’s feel with this grounded plane in New Jersey USA – Pretty trippy man.

2) Whoops Streetview just crashed

URL: http://bit.ly/4nKUm

Beware of low hanging bridges Google. Just watch what happens when the driver of this streetview car misses the low bridge.. Ooopsie.

3) Bambi get it. (No longer available)

URL: http://bit.ly/aezYKr | http://bit.ly/9U5IC2 | http://bit.ly/diNFo2

Proof if ever it was needed Google who killed Bambi. Look away animal lovers, and small children. Google later clarified the removal of the images.

4) Party On.

URL: http://bit.ly/dAW1MU

The location says Plymouth, England. Ex-squeeze me? Wayne and Garth have clearly got lost in Google streetview.

5) Horse Boy Strikes Again

URL: http://bit.ly/cbTiNs

The original Horse Boy, a man in a purple jumper and a rubber horse’s head mask, was spotted on Google Street View on Hardgate in Aberdeen. He has now found himself a girlfriend, and appeared in another location in the city.

6) Photobombing Seagull

URL: http://bit.ly/aNgqw5 | http://bit.ly/axvjnf

Gulls can be pesky creatures at the best of times. This particular dive bombing crazy attention seeking gull was spotted trying to steal Google’s limelight. Although Google have removed the offending image, someone has grabbed it for historic purposes in Panaramio.

7) Google Stigview (take 1)

URL: http://bit.ly/6YlWKD

Seems he can’t keep himself out of the limelight

8) Caught with Suzy.

URL: http://bit.ly/axuayl

Tip of the week. If you are going to get yourself a blow up doll, make sure the wife isn’t watching. Better again, make sure that Google Streetview aren’t watching either.

9) Chased by Frogmen

URL: http://bit.ly/cI3lk6

Never cross a man holding a spear. Bad things happen. Looks like this Google Streetview car driver had to leg it sharpish when getting chased by a few crazies with full scuba gear.

10) Medieval Battle Royale

URL: http://bit.ly/d6H2cj

A battle to end all battles. Oh yes. This streetview capture has transported us back to medieval times with a epic challenge between these two warriors.

11) Bruce Wayne’s House

URL: http://bit.ly/b02BPO

Holy house hunters batman. Looks like Bruce Wayne’s house has been uncovered by Google maps.

12) An Irish welcome to Streetview

URL: http://bit.ly/cJyIVF & http://bit.ly/97RgN8

I’ve heard of builders bum’s. But come on now lads. Behave yourselves.

13) Jesus hovers above a lake

URL: http://bit.ly/aCyoCl

The big man is watching, even on Google Streetview.

14) Take one step forward..

URL: http://bit.ly/aihOcg

I’ve seen subliminal advertising before in my time, but this one takes the biscuit. I’m guessing those Google programmers are a big fan of their sugary, caffeinne filled drinks. Take one step forward, and watch Pepsi become Coke!

15) Stay Classy Canada

URL: http://bit.ly/8c4dWB

PropertyPal do not condone the drinking of beer in pickup trucks, and that’s all we are saying on the matter.

16) I’ve found Waldo

URL: http://bit.ly/50AjK

Some folks treat Google maps like a a giant game of where’s Waldo. We’ve found him!

17) Passed out Girl

URL: http://bit.ly/cXuqJF

Ah. The morning after the night before. Not a pretty sight.

18) The TopGear test track (take 2)

URL: http://bit.ly/ctE6GS

It’s not often you see the Stig outside of the TopGear test track, but this capture in LegoLand shows him brushing up on his driving skills.


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