Completely portable tiny homes.

Posted: by October 19th, 2015
Ever wonder what it would be like if you could just pack up your troubles and move to a brand new city? Wonder no more. These tiny houses move with you. These amount to 208sq foot with 10 foot ceilings, and are designed to slot into larger structures in cities.… Read the rest of this post »

Moving Stories – 35 & 35a Tullyveery Road

Posted: by October 14th, 2015
We purchased "Happy Acre" just over 20 years ago and were fortunate enough to build our home in 2011. Situated between Derryboye Crossroads and Shrigley we are ideally located for the rural life whilst a short journey can take us to the coast or indeed Belfast. I work in Carryduff and the daily drive is very easy. Read the rest of this post »

Portrush home to feature on Grand Designs

Posted: by October 5th, 2015
Situtated on one of the most stunning sites on the North Coast, an old stone forge in Portrush has been transformed into a spectacular modern home that’s set to feature on Channel 4’s Grand Designs this Wednesday, 7th October 2015. Designed by the homeowner and partner in 2020 Architects in Ballymoney, Michael Howe, the spectacular building is now the family home for Michael, his wife Michele, and children, Rudi 3 and Anna 7 months.… Read the rest of this post »

Crazy Underground ‘Earth Ship’ House Built into a Hill.

Posted: by September 17th, 2015
Earth sheltering has become relatively more popular in modern times, especially among environmentalists and advocates of passive solar and sustainable architecture. However, the practice has been around for nearly as long as humans have been constructing their own shelters. The Earthship as it exists today began to take shape in the 1970s.… Read the rest of this post »

Comprehensive Rebrand for James Duggan Estates, Reflects Modern Approach to Business.

Posted: by September 7th, 2015
duggan_press_release One of Belfast’s leading estate agent’s Century 21 has announced a company rebrand. From today, the company will trade as James Duggan Estate Agents. The owners have invested a total of £20k in rebranding the successful estate agency which promises to give it a more local feel and offers clients a one stop shop for all home buying, selling, renting, legal and mortgage needs.… Read the rest of this post »

10 Awesome Websites Every HomeOwner Should Know About

Posted: by July 20th, 2015
As well as PropertyPal, the web is a wonderful place for home inspiration. Whether you are planning a complete home makeover project, or simply looking for some new places to get ideas, this collection of 10 websites that you may not know about, should hopefully provide you with a couple of new places worth visiting.… Read the rest of this post »

16 Contemporary Storage Ideas to House Your Wine

Posted: by July 6th, 2015
Keeping your wine at the right temperature is as important as picking the right blend for the right food. A dedicated wine cellar is obviously the best way to go about it, but those who are less blessed in terms of space and a wide variety of intoxicating riches to show, can opt for stylish storage areas. Read the rest of this post »

25 Funky Ways to Bring Your Staircase Back to Life

Posted: by June 25th, 2015
Stairs are often the one part of an interior that can add an interesting feature. If you are lucky enough to have exposed treads and risers in your home there’s a load of ways you can easily give your staircase a brand new lease of life yourslef. With everything from Regular paint, vinyls, stickers, decals, carpets to different materials, this article explores numerous techniques to decorate your stairs in order to make them more interesting and attractive.… Read the rest of this post »

Church Conversion by Zecc Architects

Posted: by June 24th, 2015
If church conversions are your thing, then this remodel project from Zecc Architects in Holland is quite the treat. Taking the original stained glass and ornamental features into consideration, the final creation is spectacular.  With hundreds of empty churches scattered throughout the Netherlands re-use is the only way to prevent long-lasting vacancy or destruction of the historical layer within the city. We’ll let the pictures of the project speak for themselves.… Read the rest of this post »

DIY Never Ending Tumble Dryer Sheets

Posted: by June 23rd, 2015
Tumble drier sheets are one of those little luxuries that most of us just do without. They do however help remove static from clothes as well as leave a fresh smell with your clothes. We came across this little DIY recipe from Jen at Outnumbered 3-1 which is perfect for those of you looking to save a couple of pounds with great results.… Read the rest of this post »