OMG. You can now live in the magic kingdom at Disney.

Posted: by April 22nd, 2016
Say hello to your inner child, there’s now a way you can permanently live INSIDE DISNEY WORLD. Read the rest of this post »
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Meet the Perfect Home Extension

Posted: by April 21st, 2016
For many of us the potential to extend a property is of huge importance, and with a range of adaptations available knowing which architectural design is the best option can be a bit mind boggling to begin with. So when it comes to building your luxury extension, you not only want something which compliments your existing home but also gives you the extra space you desire. Read the rest of this post »

Top 10 Mobile Apps For Estate Agents

Posted: by April 18th, 2016
With Estate Agency being a busy profession, it helps massively to be able to quickly access computing power in your pocket.  The following article showcases the most helpful apps from around the web for busy estate agents. Read the rest of this post »

Friday Mansion – This $7.995 million pound home in Houston, TX.

Posted: by April 15th, 2016
We thought we'd have some fun looking elsewhere on the web for amazing homes, and came across this absolute beauty on Zillow. The property is lavishly decorated throughout - see the property description for just some of the details. amazing. Read the rest of this post »

Social Media – A Simple Guide to Getting Started.

Posted: by April 14th, 2016
As the shift in trend from search to social continues, it makes sense to build your business social network for the future, and consolidate your audience across platforms. Getting started isn't as hard as you might think, and this 10 step guide should help you on the way to marketing success. Read the rest of this post »

You won’t believe it but this home looks like a Dragon Emerging from the Cliffside.

Posted: by April 13th, 2016
GilBartolome Architects created this contemporary residence on an extremely challenging plot in Granada, Spain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The aptly named, House on the Cliff, is literally built into the hillside with a 42-degree incline. Read the rest of this post »

Google’s Project Tango, and what it means for Estate Agent Professionals

Posted: by April 13th, 2016
A new wave of sensors in mobile phone hardware are set to potentially change how we use our phones. Google's 'Project Tango' is more than just a fancy codeword. Instead, it is a fundamental change to how our phones perceive space, and it could be a huge deal for virtual tour experiences, and how homes of the future are marketed online. Read the rest of this post »
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Social Media Tips for Estate Agent Professionals

Posted: by April 13th, 2016
Social media is omnipresent on the web now. We have built a following across a variety of social platforms to boost the exposure that you receive. Read the rest of this post »

Northern Ireland House Prices increase 2.4% up from 0.8%

Posted: by April 12th, 2016
According to the Office of National Statistics house prices in Northern Ireland rose 2.4% in February from up from 0.8% in January. Read the rest of this post »

7 Simple SEO Tips for Estate Agents

Posted: by April 12th, 2016
With Google playing a huge role in generating traffic, leads and business for Estate Agents, we realise how important it is to you to get the basics right. We’ve collated a checklist of things you can do to increase your Google presence today. Read the rest of this post »