This startup is turning waste plastic into recycled bricks

Posted: by September 20th, 2016
One thing in the world that is definitely not in short supply, is waste plastic. What if we were able to take that waste product, and turn it into something useful? Well, that’s exactly what New York based startup ByFusion is aiming to do with its products, that provide a novel solution for tackling the growing problem of ocean plastic.… Read the rest of this post »

Phil and Kirsty are Looking for House Hunters in Northern Ireland

Posted: by September 20th, 2016
Channel 4’s flagship property series Location Location Location wants to help you in your search for the perfect home. Read the rest of this post »

This adorable Corgi wants to sell you a home..

Posted: by September 7th, 2016
When it comes to marketing homes, sometimes a little bit of creativity goes an awful long way. San Francisco based agency the San Francisco Good Life Team decided to use *every* tool at their disposal to get eyeballs on their $1.3 million dollar listing.… Read the rest of this post »

This Architect Lives Inside a House Inside an Aircraft Hangar.

Posted: by September 6th, 2016
Artist and Architect Adam Kalkin has an expansive imagination, and it is nowhere more evident than this creation. ‘Bunny Lane’ (so named by his daughter) is a house within another, bigger house, located on 3 acres of property in Kalkin’s home state in New Jersey. The outer shell is a cavernous aircraft hangar with unusual shaped, custom roll-up doors and 3 stories of rooms on one end. The inner home is a traditional 19th Century cottage sitting on display almost as if it were being preserved.  It is this juxtaposition of destruction and preservation that is Adams inspiration for the project, and is certainly one of the more zany home designs we’ve seen online. … Read the rest of this post »

Just imagine living in John Lennon’s former home in Surrey.

Posted: by August 31st, 2016
Formerly owned by John Lennon, this beautiful home in Weybridge, Surrey is set in about 1.5 acres of exquisite gardens within the renowned St George’s Hill Estate.  On a fantastic elevated site, Kenwood offers not only beautiful extended views of the Surrey Hills and country side but additional mature landscaped gardens and grounds featuring attractive York stone, split level entertaining terraces, low box hedging, specimen plants and herbaceous borders.… Read the rest of this post »

This brick-laying robot can build your house 4 times faster than humans

Posted: by August 30th, 2016
Innovation in housing doesn’t always have to come from materials. Brick laying just got a whole load faster with the Hadrian X – a robotic brick laying machine created by Fastbrick robotics that currently lays at a rate of 1000 bricks per hour – compared to the human average of 300-500 per day.… Read the rest of this post »

Pinkertons Raise £1865 for Northern Ireland Chest, Heart & Stroke

Posted: by August 23rd, 2016
Over the last 12 months Pinkertons has worked closely with Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke on a range of fundraising initiatives from charity bag packs to coffee mornings and from various sporting events, including a corporate golf tournament to Christmas Jumper days. Knowing the vital support NICHS provide across Northern Ireland and the impact even the smallest donation can have, it was with great pride that the Managing Director for Pinkertons, Victoria Pinkerton was able to present the charity with a cheque on behalf of the Company for £1865.54!… Read the rest of this post »

Elon Musk to unveil a ‘Solar Roof’ product to revolutionise the roof industry

Posted: by August 22nd, 2016
Not content with creating an entirely new concept for the car industry, Tesla’s Elon Musk announced last week that SolarCity (a company he helped start with his two cousins) will unveil a new product towards the end of the year taking solar panels to a whole new level.… Read the rest of this post »

Lanyon Property Launch ‘Little Movers’ initiative

Posted: by August 19th, 2016
Moving home is a stressful time, and its never more so for families whose children have Autism.  On Thursday 11th August 2016 Lanyon Property in Newtownards launched the ‘Little Movers’ initiative which supports families whose children have ASD and Sensory Processing to move house with the minimum level of stress. This initiative is a first within the property industry and combines an ASD experienced estate agency, with the knowledge and support of Autism NI.… Read the rest of this post »

17 Amazing Tree House Designs From Around the World

Posted: by August 11th, 2016
Not all homes are built on firm foundations and steady ground. It's entirely possible to create a living space that doesn't rely on the traditional heavy materials we find in our modern homes today and tree-houses are the archetypal example. Read the rest of this post »