CHAPS is now open for longer

Posted: by June 20th, 2016
The settlement day for CHAPS, the UK’s high-value payment system, and CREST, the UK’s securities settlement system, has been extended by one hour and forty minutes. Users will therefore benefit from increased flexibility to initiate transactions that can settle later in the day – including high-value payments such as those required for property conveyancing payments, which are now open until 6pm. Read the rest of this post »

Indulge in some ‘90s nostalgia – how many living rooms do you recognise?

Posted: by June 15th, 2016
“Trying to pay the rent selling postcards is a really stupid idea,” laments illustrator Babak Ganjei. These, however - aren't your average postcard. Read the rest of this post »

NI House Prices Up 5.9% annually according to new UK Wide House Price Index.

Posted: by June 14th, 2016
housing-uk-house-price-property Today marks the first release of a UK wide House Price Index published by the Land Registry and Office of National Statistics, which provides full coverage of the housing market and an improved approach to working out house prices.… Read the rest of this post »

Google’s Project Sunroof predicts the benefits of Solar Panel Installation.

Posted: by June 2nd, 2016
Adding renewable energy sources to our homes is not only good for the environment, but also drives the cost of living down. In recent years, even in Northern Ireland (with relatively little direct sunlight throughout the year) - the cost of solar panel installation has fallen. Read the rest of this post »

8 amazing Northern Ireland homes to help you cool down this summer.

Posted: by May 31st, 2016
Seeing that the weather this week is to be good, we thought we’d help you cool down with this beautiful collection of homes. Take a browse at some of the amazing places that come complete with their own swimming pool to help you stay cool.… Read the rest of this post »

Phil and Kirsty are Looking for House Hunters in Northern Ireland

Posted: by May 20th, 2016
Channel 4’s flagship property series Location Location Location wants to help you in your search for the perfect home. Read the rest of this post »

Quirky finds in Northern Ireland homes

Posted: by May 20th, 2016
One of the benefits of looking at beautiful properties all day, is that you often spot some pretty neat home decor ideas and quirky home find on your travels. This collection of interesting ideas found on showcases just some of the one's we've seen recently. Read the rest of this post »
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Google Unveil ‘Google Home’ at I/O to rival Amazon Echo

Posted: by May 18th, 2016
Google have today unveiled their answer to the Amazon Echo in the form of 'Google Home' at their I/O conference. The product is a voice-powered assistant that can answer everyday questions as you bustle around the house, using Google search technology via the web to provide you with the answers you need. Read the rest of this post »

Turn Anything Into a Remote Control With Knocki

Posted: by May 17th, 2016
Knocki is a small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, counter-tops, & more) into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices and software. Read the rest of this post »

These Amazing Homes in Northern Ireland all have Super Features

Posted: by May 17th, 2016
We are lucky to have some of the most beautiful homes listed in Northern Ireland. This collection of homes with amazing features currently listed on our website absolutely takes our breath away. Take a peek yourself at just some of the #ppdreamhomes and their amazing features. All found in Northern Ireland..… Read the rest of this post »